The City of Princeton, Indiana

Dedicated to building a city where families gather

Personnel Roster

Name Rank  Call Sign
Nick Medler Chief 401
Bruce Blaize Captain 417
Melvin Tapley Captain 413
Kent Winkler Captain 402
Tracy Krieg Captain 414
Kevin McKannan Captain 415
Josh Medler Captain 430
Matt Deputy Lieutenant 421
Justin Hyneman Lieutenant 420
Mike Pflug Lieutenant 416
Chad Butts Firefighter 419
Andy Memmer Firefighter 422
Keith Sander Firefighter 424
Beth Hale Firefighter 425
Dave Williams Firefighter 426
Eric Walker Firefighter 428
Adam Fidler Firefighter 429
Thadeus Smith Firefighter 431
Jacob Hibbs Firefighter 432
Randy Anthis Firefighter 433
Jason Rhodes Firefighter 434
Craig Minor Firefighter 435

Reserve Firefighters

Tim Speedy Reserve Firefighter 450
Andy Hale Reserve Firefighter 451
Lane Deputy Reserve Firefighter 455
Bobby Embree Reserve Firefighter 457

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Station 1
500 N Embree St
Princeton, IN 47670
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